S2P2’s special operations professionals combine some of the finest, battle-tested management and problem-solving credentials on the planet. Well versed in mission planning, swift deployment, and tactical execution, the mindset of our warrior-executives is simple: complete the mission. The S2P2 ethos aims to ignite growth revolutions from within by assisting internal startup team-building and thought leadership at the intersection of development and data. Winning modern management requires the commitment to trying lots of things fast, embracing real-time learning and rapid adjustment. The value of nimble experimentation is a more optimized approach to the deployment of internal resource portfolios. SEED. SHAPE. PIERCE. PUSH. represents the S2P2 process that guides each client’s growth revolution and ultimately aims to unlock a client’s internal capabilities to lead their own growth initiatives.

Elite Digital Strategy
A highly specialized team of experts dedicated to the success of your mission, from inception to completion.

Agile Strike Teams
Cycle compression and rapid prototyping.

Innovation Incubation
We inspire and nurture your innovation ideas.

Rapid Response Force
Our teams can be quickly deployed to ease marketplace pain or get out in front of future threats.

Target Elimination
We identify and eliminate friction in your organization’s path towards mission critical results.


Digital Transformation
Success cannot be achieved without a good plan in place from the start. Our experts will put together a rock-solid campaign strategy that will strengthen your digital presence.

Rapid Technology Implementation
Time is always a critical factor in a successful mission. Our teams operate with a fast but thorough approach to make sure your objectives are met on time, every time. We own and take full accountability for your mission’s timeline.

eCommerce Growth
Adaptability is key to growing your eCommerce platform. Our team of specialists can improve your existing platform or reimagine your business from inception.

A great plan should be both well-designed and easily executed. Our team is battle-tested at making sure your user interface stays on target without breaking a sweat.