—General George S. Patton

S2P2 is a digital innovation collective (Innovation United) that deploys small, highly skilled teams of technologists led onsite by ex-special operations professionals. Founded and staffed by earliest stage entrepreneurs, accomplished digital investors, maverick disruptors, and best-in-class digital specialists, S2P2 teams are custom built to mission and dedicated to helping enterprise clients operate more like agile, successful startups. S2P2’s unique combination of proven leadership and innovative talent allows clients to build systems that drive disruption and growth.


SEED / Any idea begins with a solid tactical plan and a test-forward strategy. During the seed stage, we create a pilot framework, design an operational execution plan, and create a model to measure and compute the mission data.

Seeding an idea requires a well-crafted strategy and operational plan. Having the right framework in place prior to a pilot execution ensures a well-evaluated seeding process without an unneeded build operation occurring.

Nurture flexible options: we aren’t tied to a campaign as planned. If the market gives different feedback, we seize upon it and move in the direction shown.

Create an analytical model: a mission’s determination of success is built around data. It’s imperative to leverage a high-quality data model built with data scientists to jointly execute a mission to success.

SHAPE / Bring us your idea in any form. Our proven reconnaissance processes will help shape, evaluate, and prepare the idea for prime-time delivery.

Innovation, shaped.
The joint-planning process: innovating with solely internal resources is a daunting ordeal. Completely outsourcing innovation removes all subject matter expertise. With our joint-planning process, we partner together to create a well-shaped disruption strategy.

Developing campaign focus: the primary goal of the joint-planning process is to create a singular campaign focus of our collective mission. Without a clear and well-designed focus, the best tactical execution teams will produce disappointing results.

Formulating the strategic concept: design thinking is a fundamental skill set introduced to iterate to a clearly defined strategy.

PIERCE / Maintain a precise, yet relentless focus to break through and penetrate your target market. Breaking through requires a high-performance mission team coupled with tight campaign execution processes.

Maintain innovation intent: when seeding the idea, we ensure that the deviations made during tactical execution are consistent with the intent of the original idea.

Create a strategic communication process: resources are tight and communication of your vision needs to be just as tight. We help distill and broadcast your vision across the organization that is executing your breakthrough.

Conduct Mission Analysis.
Link operational design and campaign execution.

PUSH / Scale your innovation campaign with overwhelming speed and force. We have proven methodologies to help burst innovation into the market.

Maintain central command: with an army of force executing your vision, having a centralized and clearly defined command and control structure is crucial. Before waging any campaign, we help define the best methodologies to maintain maneuverability over any number of push campaigns.

Run joint operations: resources are scarce and it’s a big economy. You will have a plethora of squads from different bases. We have proven agile processes to coordinate the many multiple moving teams with precise choreography.

Scale rapidly and deploy a groundswell of resources: bringing in a large force requires a strong infrastructure from recruiting to legal to force management. We have systems in place to rapidly grow and contract forces necessary to wage the largest push campaign.

Define a mission accomplished: Any show of force should have a well-defined rotation of tours for its troops. Working within our agile push framework, we clearly define what is “done” to reduce force transition and increase efficiencies while scaling.